Fishing Report

July 5, 2019

Hard to miss this season here at the 20 degree cooler than you. Fishing is beyond what we have seen in years mainly because our friends at the Visitor’s Bureau have given me their check book. Our stockings have been deep in the wallet and full trucks are still coming.

Not sure if the earthquake with the threat of a tsunami got the fish fired up or the stars aligned but either way it worked. We got through another 4th and the only difference between this year was fishing was too good for even the boat traffic to shut off the bite. Folks slip bobbing at the dam were nonstop spanking the rainbows on big blobs of goo and puffed up mini dirt snakes (inflated night crawlers). While I was patrolling early on sparkler day, I chatted up a few kayak studs casting wooly buggers and doing an outstanding job relaxing and also doing some high-powered catch and release of some decent 1 to 2 lb line rippers. Trollers had to go deep with needlefish to find the safe zone later in the day as the lake was a bit like a large washing machine. Remember light colors when light and darks when dark, this always holds true at 6743.25” feet above sea level. Little stat to entertain the two readers I know of.

Literally while the earthquake was going on (6.4 in Ridgecrest) I was engaged with some bass fisherman who were pulling nice smallmouth off the rocks and doing well dragging plastics through the rubble. The spring fish survey showed very nice recruitment this year of small and largemouth which gives good promise to upcoming years. We have seen some nice bass this spring and a crayfish imitator and plastics are getting poked on a regular basis with some very nice 3-6 lb. stuff showing and a few lake record contenders.June 19, 2019