Fishing Report

September 6, 2019

The summer heat has bored the anglers, except the talented ones who can slip bob and control depth fish with the best of them, and of course the bassers and kitty hunters. The finicky summer lethargic rainbows are very much undecided on when they want to be eaten when they grow up and most are still deciding; however, the light is starting to peek out a bit. I think it may help that the fish are stepping on one another because we weren’t shy with your money on stocking the lake but the water is starting the cooling trend which is the sign. The fish trucks will be rolling in on ^&%#* and another huge load on %%^$#@$() *&^ for the tournament and the biggest load I have ever seen or heard of big slab daddies will be arriving at 6:00am on %$%# on the do, just saying. I am talking big bad angry toad monsters. Bring two nets, one for the tail and one for the head. Okay I just made that up, we aren’t stocking. Or are we? You will have to enter the TroutFest to find out. This fall is going to be better then we have seen in a while and the reason is very simple. This is a put and take lake so we put, now you take. Now you are the smartest people in the room. Right now, the lake is still layered and it will soon mix but slip bobbing and leadcore are still the answer along with a drift or two. Don’t forget night crawlers are a natural food choice. This will change very soon and the tackle box will need to be opened for a free for all.

I am sure all of you want an algae story, so here it is. Don’t drink dark green water or let your dog drink it.

Catfishing has been a bit slow surprisingly as we did put a big load of channels in the last two years. And we are still seeing the old monsters but the smaller fish are showing very little. Cut mackerel is still my go-to in the east end along the north shore.

Seeing some very quality bass the summer around the docks and rocks, plastics seem to be the ticket, love a good gitzit tube bait worked along the structure and just love saying gitzit. Smoke color to be exact but that’s just me and being a desk jockey maybe your ideas are better. Either way some nice smallmouth showing.

Also, looks like WON found all their friends to share in the gift of giving, the prize line up is off the chart. Don’t snooze or you know what happens.