Low Lake Level Boat Launch Ramp Information

Attention All Boaters:As the boating season progresses, water level in the Lake is dropping mainly due to evaporation. While the MWD’s West Ramp has deep enough water to accommodate any size vessel throughout the end of the season, the east end of the lake with shallower water has experienced changing conditions.

Please look at the map of the East Boat Launch Ramp to the right, and the listed water depths at specific locations. At the present time, hand launched vessels like canoes and kayaks and personal water craft like Sea Doos or shallow draft fishing skiffs are safe to launch at any point between the docks.

Larger vessels such as deep vee inboard/outboards and wakeboard boats are advised to use the inside of the east dock (left hand dock if looking from the parking lot) to launch. As always, it is a good practice to trim your drive up and to walk the vessel back to a position of deeper water near the end of the dock before lowering the drive and motoring away.

While the MWD makes every effort to inform the boating public of known hazards, conditions on the lake are constantly changing and not every hazard can be marked. It is up to you as a boater on Big Bear Lake to boat responsibly and safely. Finally, boating on Big Bear Lake is at your own risk. The Big Bear Municipal Water District is not responsible or liable for damages caused to your vessel by hazards on the Lake.