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The objective of our fishing report is to provide our lake users with up-to-date information and to help our anglers on what’s working where and when. It is important for everyone to remember that fish have minds of their own and everyday is not going to be the same as the last, but being flexible is vital to consistently catching not just consistently fishing. It is also important to remember that the person providing this information is a fisherman himself and sizes and weights vary slightly from the truth depending on how many times the story has been told.

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This may be my favorite report I have ever written, it’s never all good news with the exception of this one.

The lake has come up 8.5 feet and is holding steady. The water is a bit dirty due to the sediment washing in from the tributaries, but we will take a temporary bit of dust accompanied by a lot of water, it will settle out fairly quickly.

Dissolved oxygen is saturated throughout the lake which means we could not have more oxygen in the water column than we have. The tricky part is the fish could be anywhere in the lake. The water is warming quickly and the trout are searching out a spot to sunbathe and thaw out a little. Shallow can be better this time of the year if the sun is shining.

The quality of fish is excellent and the quantity is no joke either. The amount of toads hitting the sand is the best I have seen in a while, so don’t snooze on this season. We crack the seal to our eagle gauntlet on April 1st . The East Ramp is the first location to open so you boaters can burn up some fuel. Shore dwellers are killin it with the floating dough baits in shallows with short leaders on lite line. Try the white and light color dough baits when the water is cold. Troller will be in good shape to cover some ground. A crawler behind the hardware store full of flashy stuff is a spring go-to presentation for a lot of old pros. A nice slow drift with power goo is hard to beat and light line is a must in the spring or always for that matter. The needle fish and rapala can be the fish spanker of the season using lead core or fly line. Vary your speed and zig zag to see if the inside slow is working or outside fast and then match the speed for best early season results. Color depends on time of day and/or water color. I like to bring the tackle box (mine is full) and keep switching out until you know what’s right. The old rule of thumb is light when light, dark colors when dark (duhhh). At the end of the day the person with the best presentation in the water the longest wins.

Bottom line is, this year may be the best one in a while for catching and with the lake up and the sun shining, it is going to be hard to have a bad time on the water.











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