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The objective of our fishing report is to provide our lake users with up-to-date information and to help our anglers on what’s working where and when. It is important for everyone to remember that fish have minds of their own and everyday is not going to be the same as the last, but being flexible is vital to consistently catching not just consistently fishing. It is also important to remember that the person providing this information is a fisherman himself and sizes and weights vary slightly from the truth depending on how many times the story has been told.

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April 25, 2016

Apparently, someone reads this report on occasion and would like to hear what we have to say about fishing on our beautiful lake. I would’ve thought I could’ve fielded the complaints earlier in the year but somebody cleaned the garage and saw their fishing rod with cob webs on it.

So here it is hot off the press. Fishing for rainbow trout is as good as it gets right now with the quality of fish surprising even cup half full me. We did stock a plethora of trout last year knowing we would have plenty of fish to be caught this spring; however these babies got huge quick like. The reports are three pounders o-plenty and lots of limits coming in even for the beginners/ non-fishing newbies. Some of you may know from last year’s timely reports that we stocked 1,250,000 rainbow trout of all sizes mostly dinks but the health of the Lake has put these bad boys on roids. Trollers using needle fish and lead boring core and fly lining Rapalas (brook trout color) have produced quick limits of great fish. This wide open fishing doesn’t happen too often but when it does, snooze you lose.

The timing for the Hall Family May Trout Classic couldn’t have been better with the fishing going off and should be one of the best for fishing in recent years. Come sign up here at the Water District while we still have room we are almost sold out at 12 people. Looks like everyone may get a raffle prize this year. Plenty of water and plenty of fish.

Bass fishing has also gone off; folks are spanking plenty of quality with nice two to three pounders off the docks and rocks. Slow moving jigs are producing and the usual plastics tube baits are keeping it interesting for bass boys and girls. Despite the rumors of drought and no water this is shaping up to be a great year for fishing but don’t tell anyone yet until I fill my freezer with pink meat.






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