Fishing Report

The objective of our fishing report is to provide our lake users with up-to-date information and to help our anglers on what’s working where and when. It is important for everyone to remember that fish have minds of their own and everyday is not going to be the same as the last, but being flexible is vital to consistently catching not just consistently fishing. It is also important to remember that the person providing this information is a fisherman himself and sizes and weights vary slightly from the truth depending on how many times the story has been told.

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The spring fishing season is starting off surprisingly well, with a good amount of respectable 1 – 3 pound fish being caught. The lake is still mixed, so the finned rave party is on, the mosh pit could be the entire lake. We are hearing what works right now, is slow trolling with night crawlers and shore fishing with dough baits. This weekend was going off at Juniper Point and slightly west of that. Early in the year I like light colors, especially red, white and blue, which not only catches fish, but makes everyone want to scream out, MERICA’!! Early morning and late afternoon seems to be the zone for right now. We’re in mad prep mode for massive stocking events coming up; we’ll be throwing in big fish, little fish, and everything in between. I would love to tell you when and where, but you know what happens then. Even the weak at heart will be able to catch a fish this spring. We have had numerous helpers who care about me, and more so fish, and I have stored up a few nuts. So all you squirrels come get some.

We CAN tell you that a blimp filled with tagged fish is gonna EXPLODE right before the Fishin’ for $50K. It’s gonna be a “GoodYear” for fishing in the pit. We’re gearing up for the 15th Annual Carp Round-Up on June 16th and 17th. It is not advisable to miss this bad boy. Raffle prizes coming out our belly buttons, but I will say this isn’t a freakin’ game.






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