Fishing Report

The objective of our fishing report is to provide our lake users with up-to-date information and to help our anglers on what’s working where and when. It is important for everyone to remember that fish have minds of their own and everyday is not going to be the same as the last, but being flexible is vital to consistently catching not just consistently fishing. It is also important to remember that the person providing this information is a fisherman himself and sizes and weights vary slightly from the truth depending on how many times the story has been told.

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July 28, 2015

Well it’s smack in the middle of the season and fishing has flat-lined. This isn’t just a cast your line and catch a fish time of year, buddy’s are going to have to put in some work! I will say though that the fishing is steady so keep that line in the water and soon it will be dancing back to life.

The District just released another 2,000 pounds of catchables from our cages. We are loaded up and the fish are just taunting you to catch them. Don’t listen to the Big Bear “grapevine” saying the Lake has been fished dry. These are tall tales! Remember the old fisherman’s creed…Early to bed, early to rise, fish all day, make up lies.

Right now the best bet is to BE FLEXIBLE in your offerings, and the fish will come.

The Lake has mixed up for the most part so the trout are all over. Stay where the water is cooler toward the west end. Fishing the deeper, cooler waters from the observatory to the dam has shown the most success. Troller’s can keep up the old habits by using needle fish and stick baits. Keep it deep mid-day and play the shallow game in the morning and evening.

Bass have left the comfort of their nests and are popping up around the rocks and go berserk over your offerings. Reports of 3 pound small mouth are coming in with some bigger guys showing. If you are having trouble finding them, bounce a jig around the docks or rocks and wake those babies up.

Catch and release practices are the only way to maintain a quality bass fishery. Put him back to catch him bigger on another day! Practice CPR. Catch Photograph Release

Water temps are rising and the catfish are swarming the east end and can’t get enough of the stink bait. The stinkier, the better.

Where’s my bluegill and crappie anglers? I guess those little guys are sleeping through their growth spurt like a teenager…we should expect a class of pan-sized slabs coming this season.

Carp Round-up was another success with nearly 9000 pounds of fish brought in. There are more out

Caged hand raised trout at feeding time.

Caged hand raised trout at feeding time.

there just begging to be shot. Better hurry though because we are tazing them as of this writing with big numbers being relocated to a quiet place.

Just in case you missed it, we are doing the Facebook and Twitter thing. You can send us your photos also the old fashioned way, we love to hear your fishing tales!





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Fish early and late. When water temperatures rise to peak summer levels, trout are more sluggish. Fish when the moon is full or nearly full. Trout will feed throughout the night when it’s cooler, disturbances are fewer and there’s still plenty of light to make prey visible.