Fishing Report

The objective of our fishing report is to provide our lake users with up-to-date information and to help our anglers on what’s working where and when. It is important for everyone to remember that fish have minds of their own and everyday is not going to be the same as the last, but being flexible is vital to consistently catching not just consistently fishing. It is also important to remember that the person providing this information is a fisherman himself and sizes and weights vary slightly from the truth depending on how many times the story has been told.

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This week’s fishing report, slow with more slow to follow. Although I can see the evenings are cooling a slight bit and the days shortening to drop these temps to real numbers and get these fish active again. BUT! There are still fish to find with the right technique and patience. Controlled depth fishing is the only answer and I’m seeing a bit of life in the early mornings and just at sunset so we have a window of biters. Algae is creeping but not blowing up yet, as soon as I see the water temps and DO dropping but the cooling off will save us just as it gets critical for these hold overs. I am feeling an itch and the only way I can scratch it is with more cow bell or a big fat stocking of scales and slime. Interesting to me how the methodical fisher bad asses have continually caught fish all summer and the towel tossers have not. Let this be a lesson to us—all patience pays off. If all else fails try a nice drift through a few areas with a light weight and a crawler or dough blob and see if the bell rings.

I am feeling a good fall of bent rods is upon us and that itch will be scratched. Stand by its going to get weird thanks to my peeps at the Visitor’s Bureau providing us the funds to make fun.

Catfish are around and biting, use stink and stuff to find the noses of these kitties and of course they are late night partiers and love the lights out foraging.

Haven’t heard of a ton of Bass being caught but they are there on the little structure that we have and a slow bounce may be the ticket.

On a good note, a truck load of bluegill are heading our way this week and those are only caught with the scientific method of hook-worm. It’s very complicated but you can Google it. Crappies are cyclic and we are on the down and out rock bottom of the cycle but have no fear they will be back like we have seen them before. Nothing better than spending an evening by the dock watching panfish spanking a surface mini plug.

One thing I know for sure is if you are having a bad day of fishing regardless of the success there is more to the story.











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