Winterizing Your Dock


dock pole retainer graphic

During the 2004/2005 winter season the lake level rose over 12 feet. Many dock owners were unprepared and came to find their dock was either damaged beyond repair or missing entirely.
Be sure to take the necessary steps to secure your dock prior to the winter season and protect your investment. If storing your dock on Big Bear Lake for the season, you must have the proper method in place for keeping your dock poles from sliding out of the sleeve brackets. See the diagram for examples.
The owners of licensed docks may store their docks in any of the following locations when not in use:

  • Out of the water, above the high water line, on property owned by licensee.
  • Securely anchored offshore in the vicinity of the licensed property no more than one hundred (100) feet from the water line or within the center line of a bay or cove, whichever is closer, and in no way interfering with adjacent properties or navigation channels.
  • With any commercial marina that has been authorized by the District to store docks.