24 Mar Current Lake Status

Another beautiful week in our valley. The lake maintained it’s level over the past week – which with the average of 1″ of evaporation per week, means that we actually got about 1″ of runoff from our local mountains and streams. 1” at this lake level equals 339 acre feet of water = 110

19 Mar Fish Plant!!!

Great news for you fishermen out there. We planted 10,000 lbs of baby trout today. Check out the pictures and video

17 Mar Boating During Low Lake Level Conditions

As we discussed last week... the lake was up. This week we're not up, but we remain the same and with the approximate evaporation of 1" a week, that means we got around an inch of runoff to maintain our current level.

17 Mar Lake Level Is Up

Did anyone else notice our Lake rose an inch this past week with no weather activity? That means with the warm weather runoff is making its way to the Lake. Level: 61' 5" - Down From Full: 10'10". 1" at this lake level equals 339 acre feet of water = 110,463,489 gallons. However in

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