Our Lake is rising!!!

Winter Photos 01-07-2016 (43) Winter Photos 01-07-2016 (23) Winter Photos 01-07-2016 (21)As of 3:30pm on 1/6/16
Snow fall at the main District office 11 3/4”
Recorded precipitation at the Dam 5”
849 acre feet in the lake in the last two days which raised the level of Big Bear Lake 3”
For a total of 276,647,499 gallons added to the Lake
We reached our lowest lake level of the season of 14’-7” on January 4, 2016
The level of Big Bear Lake right now is 14’-4” and rising

Update – 1/7/16
Another 220 acre feet fell directly into Big Bear Lake last night which equals 71,687,220 gallons
This plus the snow accumulation in our 48 square mile Big Bear watershed is still holding that entire snow fall
It is too early to estimate what it really means but it already means we are better off than we were the entire winter season last year.
Big Bear Lake level now is 14’-3” down from full and rising. We gained another full inch since yesterday afternoon