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30 Apr Give a screech, don’t pollute the beach!

Fishing Tackle and Monofilament Article Many conscience folks cut the rings from their six-packs so the plastic will not get caught around necks of sea turtles if the trash makes it out to sea. However, fewer folks are conscious about inland lakes an

21 Jul Low Lake Level Boat Launch Ramp Information

Attention All Boaters:As the boating season progresses, water level in the Lake is dropping mainly due to evaporation. While the MWD’s West Ramp has deep enough water to accommodate any size vessel throughout the end of the season, the east end of th

28 Mar 2018 Public Launch Ramp Operations

Lake level conditions have caused a change in operations at both public launch ramps. At the time of this writing, the water level at the Carol Morrison East Public Launch Ramp at 41911 Northshore Drive is too shallow to allow most vessels to safe

16 Dec Stay Off Lake Ice

It is against the law to venture out onto the ice on Big Bear Lake. Ice covering the Lake is extremely dangerous, unstable and deceptive.

09 Oct October Fish Plant

The District planted 6,500 lbs of trout in anticipation of this year’s October Troutfest. What those tournament anglers didn’t catch are happy in our Lake right now ....