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  • The Carol Morrison East Ramp is open every day and the Duane Boyer West Ramp will open May 12th

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Annoucement: Board of Directors Vacancy, Division 2

The Board of Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District is currently soliciting letters of interest from persons wanting to fill the vacant Division 2 seat on the Board of Directors. To view the boundaries of Division 2 see the Division 2 map.

The vacancy was created by the resignation of Mary Ann Lewis on February 28, 2017. The Board intends to appoint a replacement for the balance of her term, which runs through December 2018. Interested persons residing in Division 2 should submit a letter of interest to the attention of President John Eminger at the MWD office on Lakeview Drive by Friday April 21, 2017. Letters of interest should include the following information:

  • 1. The applicant’s name and physical residence address
  • 2. A summary of their occupational background
  • 3. The applicant must be able to attend multiple meetings on a monthly basis during business hours
  • 4. Description of the applicant’s history in Big Bear
    • a. When moved to Big Bear
    • b. Activities involved in
    • c. Volunteer work etc.
  • 5. The particular interests the applicant has concerning the work of the MWD
  • 6. As a Director how can you contribute to the success of the MWD The Board intends to make an appointment to fill the vacant seat at the Board meeting on May 18, 2017.

Big Bear Municipal Water District has gone GREEN!

Boating During Low Lake Level Conditions

With the low water levels, rocks and other hard surfaces are closer to the surface, making many places in the lake hazardous for boating and public safety. While some hazards are marked, it is not possible to mark every hazard. Please exercise extreme caution while boating on the lake to prevent injury and damage to your watercraft. The MWD recommends staying at least 100 yards from shore while operating on the lake.

Night Fishing Info

Big Bear Lake offers a unique experience for locals and tourists to fish at night. Recently, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station has received several reports of bright lights being used on the North shoreline that shine across the Lake into the windows of homes located on the South shore. Please use common courtesy when fishing at night. Halogen lights, vehicle headlights and the use of generators with exterior lighting fixtures create a general nuisance. The use of Coleman-style lanterns and flashlights are recommended for night fishing. The Big Bear Sheriff’s Station thanks the fishing community for its cooperation and wishes you tight lines!

Big Bear Municipal Water District

  • The Big Bear Municipal Water District is an independent special district governed by a five-member board of directors elected by geographic division.

    The MWD is responsible for the overall management of Big Bear Lake, Southern California’s premier recreational Lake.The primary goal of the MWD is the stabilization of Big Bear Lake at as constant a water level as possible, given the availability of water and financing. A more constant lake level increases recreational opportunities, stabilizes property values, improves water quality, aesthetic benefits and supports a healthier fish and wildlife environment.